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Artist Statement

I generally say that I am a dancer, but what gets lost in that label is everything else that influences my art. I am curious about basically everything, I’ve always loved the sciences and questioning everything has been a constant part of how I interact with the world. I see dance as a form of exploration, a way to stretch the imagination and physically understand the totality of an idea. In this way, I use dance for personal exploration but also for philosophical exploration. Philosophy is not restricted to its own realm of ideas; it applies itself to all subjects in the form of questioning, wondering, and searching for some idea of truth. I use dance as a philosophical method to approach topics like biology, environmentalism, music, chemistry, language, culture, people, etc. and with that I am able to create art as a force for change. I dance because I am interested in life, but I make dances because I want to start a conversation about the things that I have found during my explorations. So at the core, I’m just a thinker, through my art, thinking about environmental sustainability, equal rights, honest love, personal strength, and the rest of the human experience.

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